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Welcome to the SQL Object Search blog

Hi there,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Marcel Isler. I'm a software engineer and I have been in this field for nearly 25 years now. I started writing software when I was 15 years old and it has been my occupation and my passion ever since then.

I've been using many different programming languages and C# 2.0 has become my current favorite. I've also been working with many different SQL databases in the course of my career and I'm currently working on projects that use Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 2005.

I started writing SQL Object Search about 5 months ago when I had to do some investigation on SQL code usage in fairly large databases with around 2000 stored procedures per server. Not being able to easily find references to other stored procedures, tables, views and functions was very frustrating and there were barely tools available to do the job and the ones that I could find didn't work the way I was envisioning how the process should work.

I am now at the point where I have a small group of beta testers using the software on a daily basis and the feedback has been very positive. I plan to have the final release version ready by early September 2006.

Here are a few highlights of SQL Object Search:

Well, I think that's it for today... I'm going to take some screenshots and post them in the next few days.

Thanks for reading and I hope you are just about as excited about this tool as I am :)

I usually use the free SQL Digger, it will be interesting to see what you put together.
Thanks for your comment.

I just checked out SQL Digger and it looks nice. Search speed on SQL Object Search will be dramatically faster though.

SQL Object Search does takes some time to do the initial caching of the objects (about 2 minutes for ~4000 objects), but after that, searches are returned in around 2 seconds. Also, SQL Object Search's search algorithm allows for more freedom in how to search for strings.

I plan to release SQL Object Search at a price below 100$ for a single user license to cover the cost of development and support.
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